Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge-Engineering Marvel
Calcutta boasts the third largest cantilever bridge in the world. Its real importance, however, lies in the fact that it serves as Calcutta's gateway to the west, being the city's only bridge spanning the Hooghly. Taking 7 years to build, it cost $10,000,000. It towers 310 feet as the city's highes structure, is 2,150 feet long with a center span of 1,500 feet. It was completed in 1942, opened in February, 1943.

Workers' struggle those days

32. Indicative of the resumption of an age-old struggle for decent conditions is this immediate post-war picture of tram-workers on strike. The strike lasted nine days but employeess won par of their demands.

Shadow of Femine of 1943

31.The indifference of the passerby on this downtown Calcutta street to the plight of the dying woman in the foreground is considered common place. During the famine of 1943, cases like this were to be seen in most every block, and though less frequent now, the hardened public reaction seems to have endured.

Kerosene Blues

Calcutta's poor from a line to buy keresene at 6 a.m. Each little cubicle may contain a shop and living quarters for a family ranging possibly from 6 to 12. Sanitary facilities consist of an open street drain.


Marble Palace

29 In contrast to the magnificent palace in background, two sweating
coolies strain at a load of precious firewood. The building is knownas
the Marble palace, contains a rich collections of
paintings, lavishly
it belongs to a Bengali family whoare alleged tofeed
hundreds of poor daily.

Young Mother

28 India has thousands of child brides. The unfortunate young waman shown here feeding the infant from the giant coconat in foreground has been seen on Calcutta's streets day after day with he child. Her misery is more than typical thousands of India's unfortunates.

Movie Actresses

27 Indian movie actresses. Dressed in Sarees, 19-year old Binota Bose, left, and Mrs. Rekha Mullick, right, are right at home before the camera and lights. Miss Bose earns $360.00 per month and Mrs. Mullick $210.00. Both are well educated and prefer American books, pictures.